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The Game Jolt cult classic finally arrives to itch.io!

Since its release in September 2015, the official community remake of the popular internet legend of Sad Satan, by DRSG, has received acclaim from both critics and gamers alike, who all praised it for its atmosphere, build-up, mystery, and scare-factor (despite containing no jumpscares). After countless let's plays on youtube, a revival of the game's fame through a livestream on the Etika World Network, and over a year of waiting, the Sad Satan Remake is now finally expanding outside of Game Jolt, and onto more computers than ever before!

Below is the original description of Sad Satan, which was uploaded to Game Jolt:

What is Sad Satan?: Sad Satan was an event that occurred on June 25, 2015, where five videos were posted onto youtube about a "deep web" horror game that was extremely creepy. Soon after, these videos spread like wildfire. With news outlets, popular youtubers, and secrets being uncovered about the game... it began to look like it might become the next Five Nights at Freddy's. This all came to a screeching halt, however, when people soon realized that no one (as far as we know) had the game, and it had seemed to disappear after the original posts. As well, many people were beginning to believe that the original poster might have made the game as a publicity stunt due to many inconsistencies from his interviews with news outlets.
Then the clone was released...
In August of 2015, an anonymous user on 4chan claimed that he was the creator of Sad Satan, and posted the link to download the game on the "surface" web (the everyday internet). This was not the actual game, but, in fact, a clone made by the user which contained snuff porn, child porn, and an extremely vicious trojan/potential botnet virus that was capable of bypassing a virtual machine, and was used to completely compromise the computers which had the game on it. This sparked a new fire in the community, as everyone who knew about the clone was now doing damage control to prevent people from seeing content that would fuck with them for life. Eventually, Mutahar from the popular youtube channel SomeOrdinaryGamers would get involved, play the virus clone, and would report the incident to Canadian and international authorities. This also lead to the creation of a clean version of this clone by reddit user BlindStark, to help out more with the damage control efforts being employed by the Sad Satan community. Later that month, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) would upload a video on Sad Satan by playing the clean version and not mentioning the clone or original due to misinformation (which due to the clone was extremely common). This would mean that there are now over 40 MILLION people who are at risk of downloading this clone and being exposed to the illegal contents inside.
So Where do I Come In?: I am the only person in the community who has openly stated their occupation as being a game developer, and was also willing to help the community with the damage control. I was also the person who officially proved the original *Sad Satan* was a fake that didn't exist by analyzing it and finding out how it was made. So, I proposed a plan.
The goal of this plan was to...
1. Give fans the game they wanted.
2. Due to ^, give people no reason to accidentally come across the bad version.
3. If the release was popular enough, we could raise money together for child abuse survivors (as child abuse is a major theme of the game).
With this goal in mind, I have been spending the last month (at the time of writing) working very hard on making this game great. And I think I've done it...
What is in the Remake?: I can not talk about this, as it would ruin one of the main aspects of what made the original Sad Satan so great. :/ So please play and enjoy. :)
Published May 30, 2017
Release date Sep 20, 2015
Tags3D, Abstract, Atmospheric, black-and-white, creepy, cryptology, Cult Classic, Horror, Mystery, secrets
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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