The Future of DRSG...

Now that I’ve no longer been a kid/teen for months now and do work as an actual game dev, I’ve looked back at the different projects I started and left behind, and the one game through those years that I was happy enough with to make public; my Sad Satan Remake. Nowadays, it’s obvious to me that I didn’t sound 100% like an adult yet when that game came out, but maybe not to you all. Either way, it’s a nice reflection to look back on.

I’ve finally found my creative niche with my video game development, and Sad Satan was crucial to that, despite the circumstances behind its creation being an absolute mess. I’d like to give you all one final thank you and goodbye before I make final edits to these pages and leave Sad Satan behind for good.

In the future, you will probably see some games from me, but game development is an art form deeply personal and private to me, so don’t expect something AAA indie or big budget.

It’s time for me to fade out now… thank you.

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